The Inspiration

Ground Me

​​​"I don't know why I started writing songs. It happened back in high school and I've just been doing it ever since. But what I do know is that there is no greater feeling than completing a song, listening back, and saying 'We did that.' These songs are simple. They are about hope, relationships, and stories that I thought were worth sharing. This is our first ever full length album, and I am so proud. We may not be the greatest song writers and musicians of all time... we may not even be in the top million. But I like to think that if one person can relate to just one song that we ever write, and share in our joy/sadness, then it was worth all of the effort to get there. Music brings us together and that is why we do it" -Justin Barker

Artwork by Morgan Barker​    #Nepotism

Colin's Experience
"Recording the album went exactly how I hoped it would. I wouldn't trade any of the moments. Doubt, failure, faith, and love surround the creation of music, and we felt these time and time again over the last eight months. Justin put his heart and soul in everyday to produce a masterpiece everyone deserves. Though it was strenuous on both of us both physically and mentally, I will cherish each moment and relive it when I listen back. Proud is an understatement." - Colin Barker

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